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Wonderful motherhood

Monday, May 24, 2010

This year is my last year celebrating 2 series...



Allah selamatkan kamu....Allah selamatkan kamu

Today I'm suppose to start to work after long maternity leave. However,since 1st day work adalah hari ketuaan jadi maka dgn ijin boss sy minta extend cuti *sigh..actually ada 2 reason satu sbb ari jadi, lg satu sbb kureng gembira dgn increment tujuh-puloh-nam ringgit aje..tolak epf, tax..xde effect kat gaji. Nvm, at least ada increment walau ciput*

Next year will be 3 series. I should be more focus on everything. Should I have birthday resolution? my heart I'm always think I'm young..To the extend when my sis gave me SimplySiti trial pack I was thinking why she bought me aging series? It took me several minutes to think...OMG, its because all the wrinkle-proses ketuaan akan menjelma..ihik

Personally, I have so many things to think [and also do...fikir banyak tp klu tak buat tak guna jugakkan?]

N'way Alhamdulliah with Allah blessings, I should be happy with all the things that I have now - husband, a son, a house, a car [walau hnya co pilot], stable job, some saving, 2 memberships [one is on d way...yeay after this by law I am chartered accountant] and so on. The rest? Kena kerja keras lagi ya kan?

Happy birthday to myself!!! And happy birthday also to Eric Cantona and the rest whom celebrate it today :)


  1. happy belated birthday to u!! we share the same date. awesome.

    link me, link u :)


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