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Friday, March 11, 2011

AYoM : SAHM, WAHM or working mom?

Firstly before someone asking me let me tell abbreviation – SAHM (Stay at home moms), WAHM (Work at home moms), working moms no need further explanation rite?

Then there is another one SOHO moms (Small office, home office moms) which falls under WAHM lah kan?

At early stage of both pregnancies, I do feel like to quit my job and become WAHM. Not sure whether the pregnancy hormone lead me to think this? Or maybe I am sick and tired of long hour travelling to office with never ending jam..From Puchong to Bangsar can sometimes drag to travelling hours of 2.5 hours *dh boleh balik Segamat plak rasa* Maybe someone will say why not going out as early as you can? Or maybe just use ERL everyday?

Hmm going out as early as I can only around 7.30 am, right after sending Afham to nursery, which everyday using ERL can lead to tight budget *ntah encik suami kata dia hantar keje or tak hantar duit minyak dia sama je..then why not dia hantarkan btl tak?*

Just recently encik suami asked me – If his salary double from current salary, will I quit and become WAHM? He will give part of his salary for house expenses and for some savings

Hmm..I really cannot tell him straight away the answer..might be because I have good paper qualification and still hoping the idea of "accountant-in-the-making"?

Now while writing, I do realised something with current status of working mother :-
- I'm juggling with almost everything. Yes I admit house is like tongkang pecah..until sometimes I couldn't find pant to wear to office
-I'm earning but the fact that after 2 years marriage I never change handbang, wallet, never buy lipstick, blusher. The only things bought for myself sandal and clothings *all because of sizing *. Although encik suami said its ok for me to spend bonus for my wishlist "Coach" I still think the money should be reserved for child saving
-I still can have social life by at least writing blog *tho I made few blogger/non blogger friends*, gossiping *or should we call as what ye Dila and Shara? Moms + wifey ramblings?*, reading other blogs *fb jauhla sbb dh block*

The rest I cannot think...

If let say I turn to SAHM
- There is some expectation of at least the house is not tongkang pecah *erk can this happened with 2 kids?*
- While earning, no new handbag so on..then if not earning no point of getting new handbag la kan..nak gi mana melaram dah duduk rumah? *pstu uniform rasmi baju kelawar, tshirt kain batik..rambut ikat tocang..hari2 boleh tahan ke encik suami tgk?*
- Do I have my internet time? *skrg Afham pun pandai ketuk2 keyboard, tolak2 screen laptop* Since most likely taking care of kids, house can lead to super disaster tiring...how will likely I will handle with stress? Hari2 nmpk muka anak..muka suami bila dia ada di rumah...Will I turn to stressed mum? Then I scared neighbours call Teldera bila hari2 dgr suara ibu menjerit *too imaginative or will it happen? Jiran blkg rumah selalu jerit2 kat anak dia but I never took serious nak cal teldera* Or maybe husband will think I need Nanny 911? *which oversea ada...*

If let say I turn to WAHM
- Can I juggling between working time and wifey/ mom time?
- I am not really biz minded, so what business can I do? Will I good at that? The fact that I'm still looking of my other potential besides all those accounting thingy

But there is one good thing of becoming WAHM or SAHM, you always can monitor your children milestones, developments so on ..without missing it *I have been thinking not to let my children to boarding school as early as Form 1..but of course the other side I want them to be part of boarding school / MRSM – in case I'm still working mom*

Still I cannot decide...maybe let wait till the time comes


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