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Friday, November 9, 2012

Nak last day pun stress


Patut dh nk last day happy je kan?

Even I thought today I can window shopping KLCC (nama je opis area situ tp dah pindah sini dr bulan 2 pun blh bilang ngan jari pi KLCC)

Original plan, today supposed to be my last that I have few days for bibik-time (homaigod rumah dh karam titanic esp after so called promoted to accountant - skrg nk tukar cita2 xmo jd akauntan)

Hari2 letih travelling, letih kerja...ok promoted doesn't mean can simply taichi...but increase the workload with ciput-increment..end up house cleaning so on keep on delayed..baju dh jadi  gunung. Then not to mentioned Alif is having separation anxiety tahap payah nk berenggang dari ibunya. So how am I supposed to do housechore sambil kelek Alif?

So extend the last day...but towards the day kejap ada tnya ni, ada suh wat itu dan ini...maka tersangatlah stress. Handover x abes lagik...

So I think I just do what I can do...I am not super saiya...


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