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Wonderful motherhood

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Aiyoh...tak boleh decide lor...

Being a wife and a mother will give you more power to decide...But believe me sometimes you cannot decide, simply because too many options, too little option, or perhaps you want more than what you have budgeted (Haha..pastu nafsu nafsi lagi mcm2 oo)

Well as mentioned earlier, we are in the midst of preparing or lil ones room...Part of painting, buy furniture and so on, decorating also part of completing the room

While browsing the net, I simply cannot decided the colour..Erm thinking to print this at put it at the door..At first I was thinking to design something, BUT I am no good in photoshop or whatsoever..kita pakai free printable jelah nak..nak hire org kena $$$

Blue jean

Deep blue

Tiffany blue

Or I should print each one (A is for Afham , A is for A lif) with different colour? Aiyoh tak boleh decide lor...tgk yang free pun xboleh decide haha

For those interested on the above, you can get it here (for personal use ya...baca elok2)

Hmm..kaler lain pun cantik gak kan?


  1. kena tgk kaler bilik dulu baru tahu nak tlg pilihkn..hihi...klu tgk gitu je, semua pun camtek..! =D


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