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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fun with your little ones : Aquadoodle mat

I think I am among the lazy mum..Haha I let them watch tv, ipad, read books, or just explore themselve with anything inside the house.

Plus maybe I am not pretty sure what activity suitable for 2 kids! Bkn pe Afham mungkin dh faham nk buat tapi Alif plak kang takut "dimakannya" apa2 yang kita bagi untuk main..Phew

So considering Alif already reached toddler..Plus he also interested with pencil and paper. So recently I bought Aquadoodle mat and pen. After searching (the most important criteria 2 pens and the mat must be large enough for 2 kids...aiyo beli 2 sorang satu koyak poket tau), I bought from

Cute kan kartoon kat sekeliling mat

Product Description

Check out the no-mess magic! It's the activity toy for active, creative toddlers that allows them to make great art, over and over again - without the mess! Kids can stamp or draw using the pen-like holder filled with water. After 20 seconds the area dries and the color disappears.  The water-based Aquadoodle drawing tools are non-toxic and ink free allowing your child to play in a safe and clean environment.

Let see how they enjoy it

Sambil conteng, tgk cartoon jugak
Tangan sebelah conteng2, sebelah lagi pegang ipin..haha

Khusyuk tul

Afham keep asking me "mana hilang?" when the scribble disappeared. Erm I just said "magic" haha..

I just like the fact that I do not have to clean any mess..Bentangkan mat, isi air dalam pen and let them enjoy (cumanya kena jaga2 ye...mcm afham boleh tak dia g minum air dlm pen tu..sudahla kita isi air paip aje..Pfttt)

There will be other fun activity (already bought few things, but thinking to do it later). So stay tuned, will shared it once done.

So mommies, share what fun activities you do with your kids with me. Sharing is caring ^_^


  1. wah, bestnya aquadoodle mat nie. takde la aktiviti menconteng yang buat naik darah. hehehe

  2. wow menarik gak mat ni.. sure will be in my wish list once my lil son get a bit bigger =)

  3. hahah..seronok bebudak ni main yekk..


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