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Monday, April 15, 2013

Home organizing and improvement : Dapur oh dapur (Part 2)

Past few week I shared here or how I organize under the hoob area.

So end of March finally I received the magic product...Pantree organizer that I bought online.

Today I will share the transformation. Oh ya on top of that I bought this rice bucket during CNY. Good thing it come with scoop (aiyoh nk panggil ape ye..penceduk beras. because all the while I just recyle bekas plastik cili boh yang kecik)

I bought this because the last time container do not have window on the top...ada sekali tu tak tutup bekas tu rapat2 end up lipas masuk dalam bekas beras ewww...so this time no worries sbb amik beras lepas tu surela tutup yg clear tu akan tertutup rapat

Rice bucket from Tesco at RM 8.88 (promo price original price not mistaken RM 19.90)

Pantree organizer. bought from Dealmates at RM 35.00
Product desciption
Step..senang je xpayah mintak tolong suami pun ye

So here the transformation. Nak dapat exact macam gambar promo kena sedar la diri, kuali periuk cap ayam je..haha.

The good thing I can keep more pots! Xberani nak gantung kuali kecik2 tu..so susun ketepi jelah..So tempat simpan periuk bolehla replace with something else..Big yay!

Kuali besar so letak jelah kat atas...nk dapat sebijik cam gambar promo kena beli periuk kuali canggih you alls!

Not to forget the rice bucket, put it in front...

Happy family..all organized..yay!

Now I am happy with the latest transformation. Oh ya you can but the pantree organizer from the discount website (groupon, milkadeal and such, just look for the promo ya)

Total transformation less than RM50! Plus more organized areas in the kitchen


  1. Wowweee...so organized!! So in love!!

    my periuk belanga were put under the sink..mmg tak muat nk ltk tower tu..but really LOVE the idea!! :))

    i have three bekas beras tu but wif different functional..oh harap ada masa utk cerita jgk..

    nice sharing!

  2. Wahhhhh.. Mana dapat organiser tu????? Nak....
    Sentap ni sebab cantik nya..

  3. Mama lynd organizer tu beli kat dealmates..but try la google sbb benda ni ada kat those discount online website.currently ada promo kat living social, myimart ( even lg murah sikit kot)

  4. wow, mencari gak organizer tu.thanx for sharing me..
    salam kenal kamu..

  5. wow, sgt cantik tmpt piuk tu. i like.


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