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Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY : Kid's wardrobe divider

Remember my last post here?

So here I am sharing some simple step. Perhaps can give you some DIY ideas ^_^

Things you need:-
1. Wrapping paper (pilih ikut sukati..mine beli kat Tesco; berkenan ngan those wording delightful baby, wonderful baby etc)
2. Stationery - Pensil, pembaris, pemadam, gam
3. Kadbod/ kertas keras (or recycle je kotak2 lama)
4. Optional - label maker, laminate

Bahan2 utama ye puan2

Step 1 : Determine the label that you want to do. If you choose to write then can skip this step. Myself know that my handwriting is not consistent. As an option I used the label maker

Step 1

Step 2 : Cut the wrapping paper the the desired size. Then glue it to the cardboard / recycle box

Step 2

Sted 3 : Cut it nicely. Then put the label (or you can write it)

Step 3

Step 4 : Use coin / anything round shape (mine using round sharpener - but make sure la boleh masuk kat wardrobe tu ye). Then cut the circle area. 

Once done you can laminate it (optional)...lupa sbb dh potong bulat dulu sblm laminate maka lps laminate kena potong bulat sekali lg, klu tak cmne nk gantungkan?

Yey..dah siap
That's all..simple such template, because I just make rough estimate.


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