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Thursday, June 13, 2013

HiShop : online beauty and cosmetics store (Part 2)

I almost forgotten that I should post this entry once I received my purchased from HiShop. For previous post click here.

Anyway I ordered and paid in on Friday 31st May, and received on on Tuesday 4th June (that morning receive the notification and tracking number).

Well overall experience considered as good..Cepat dapat barang, dapat email notification for payment successful, order confirmation and tracking ID.

Plus point, they have loyalty point programme..Beli barang dapat point, review dapat point, pstu klu blogger buat review pun dapat point (tapi ni kena submit kat website diorg)...ha nak tau ape guna point2 ni...next purchase gunala segala points yg ada..so korg akan dapat produk2 kecantikan maybe totally at no  cost..FREE (ok tu pun tgk berapa banyak point ada, dan berapa banyak brg beli)

So presenting, the cosmetics parcel that I received

Pink paper bag

All the while I read blogs reviews, they mentioned received it in a pink box..(ada beli 2 barang je pun dapat box), so I am a little bit disappointed sbb tiba2 dapat paper bag aje..BUT nevermind because sume barang dapat dlm keadaan perfect! Perhaps the pink box finished, so I just got pink paper bag (ok gak kan..boleh guna paper bag pink comel)

 The content of the paper bag...Milkadeal and White vouchers and of course all cosmetics wrapped nicely in the bubble wrap...so kakak2 sila jangan bimbang shopping ngan HiShop, bedak2 blusher ke sume xde nyer pecah berderai..sume elok2 je

So another task ialah bukak sume buble wrap...All 4 items that I purchased have no defect at all..plus 2 free samples..beli 4 dapat 6 barang..yeay!!!

Farmasi stuff - BB cream, compact powder, blusher, lipstick plus 2 samples

Overall online shopping with HiShop was really awesome..I will surely come back to make another purchase...(tapi tunggu duit cukupla..)

Ape tunggu lagi, sila la laju2 klik

Pstt..Next time I will review Farmasi FCC product..^_^


  1. lovin your blog!..salam kenal ya

    Jemputlah ke blog saya:)
    Mak ..IN Progress


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