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Friday, July 11, 2014

Instant way to look and feel good for Hari Raya with Neubodi

I have to admit that I have gain weight few kilos, and I couldn’t fit some of my clothes. Yes, there are tonnes of ideas and things shared here and there in losing weight but sadly I am not consistent, perhaps, no time and some other excuses.

Since Hari Raya will be in 2 weeks plus, I need some short cut way to fell and good look. (Ala biasa la time raya ni ada je saudara mara akan tnya ‘Sihat nampak, ada isi ke?’ OMG, should I say ‘tak pregnant tapi badan dah naik’)

Thankfully, I was invited to Exclusive Intimate Session for Neubodi Shapewear Preview with few bloggers. We were introduced to Neubodi’s latest shapewear collection, Neubodi Suit Up.

About Neubodi
In 2008, Neubodi was brought into Malaysia as the first bra fitting specialist retail chain, offering customers the service and knowledge of buying the precise bra with a proprietary holistic method of personal fitting.

Derived from design innovation, its retail collection comes in a variety of comfortable daily lingerie; brassiere (bra), panties, body shaper and lingerie care product.

Neubodi has 8 retail outlets nationwide; Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama Shopping Centre, Empire Shopping Gallery, Bangsar Village II, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Paradigm Mall, Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, and Suria Sabah Shopping Centre.

All shops carry over 600 sizes including plus size for the well-endowed, designs and colours, catering to women.

Neubodi SuitUp collection

Neubodi SuitUp Contour collection made from premium quality white bamboo charcoal. The difference between the normal Bamboo Charcoal pieces to Neubodi’s White Bamboo Charcoal pieces is that, Neubodi is able to dye the pieces in two colour choices, nude colour and black colour, rather than just your average gray colour.

Other key benefits of White Bamboo Charcoal, besides the fact that it radiates far infrared ray to stimulate blood circulation, it also emits anion with health properties to increase your well-being. This functional textile also has micro holes of the charred bamboo to regulate humidity effectively whilst having antibacterial material mixed in the fiber to effectively restrain the growth of bacterial to reduce the smell.   This figure-hugging style moves with you with a hint of spandex for comfort and the perfect fit.

Neubodi SuitUp collection comes in three varieties;
-           Hi Waist Contour Panty (S – XL, RM175.00, Colour :Fancy)
-           Hi Waist Contour Girdle (S – XL, RM188.00, Colour :Fancy)
-           Hi Waist Contour Legging (S – XL, RM248.00, Colour :Black)

New collection including Neubodi SuitUp

I was given with Hi Waist Contour Leggings to try.

Personal review of Neubodi SuitUp Hi Waist Contour Legging

At first I found it was a little bit difficult to wear it (not only me, one of the blogger also said the same – she even skinny than me!)

But once wore it, instantly it slims my tummy J . I almost feel like I am not wearing the Suit Up. It feels like my second skin. Really comfortable! I wear it for almost half day (straight away from intimate session sampai siap balik rumah, ala-ala pakai legging siap masak tuk berbuka puasa lagi)

Mas bujang dulu penahla pakai korset untuk gi dinner, etc. Hmm tak selesa dan ketat, nak makan banyak pun dh rasa cam senak semacam. But this time I am amaze, since it is comfortable I can wear it for a longer time.

Neubodi Hi Waist Contour Leggings seamless design to remain 100% invisible under clothing. So no one will notice it!

For those that want to look and feel good, I really recommend Neubodi Suit Up. (yang nak cantik dan rasa lebih slim silala beli, bukan saja untuk raya mana tahu ada yang nak kahwin lepas raya ni, ataupun time raya ni nak jumpa family bakal mertua, yang masih tercari-cari korset yg best dan selesa)

Now I don’t have to worry if I still cannot reduce some kilos before Raya, because Neubodi Suit Up will instantly help to trim my waist

Other than introduced to Neubodi Suit Up, I really love this session because I gain some other knowledge
- the push up bra is not good for daily wear
- higher percentage of women wear wrong bra size (including me!)
- the correct way of wearing bra (one of the staff teach me that we need to do some simple stroke, selalu perasan tak kadang nampak cam bonjol  kat belakang lagi-lagi kalau pakai bra yang saiznya salah/ too tight/ etc)
- see and feel other Neubodi collection

Oh ya Suit Up Contour Leggings works in

Current promotion from 8 to 14 July 2014
Trim waist
Tucks tummy
Lifts bottom
Sculpts thighs
Sculpts legs

At the same time, another new release of Neubodi shapewear is Neubodi Milan Desiderio Collection (retailing in the range of RM368.00 to RM899.00 varying on its respective sizes).

For more, you can check Neubodi website at Good thing, you also can purchase online through follow their Instagram @neubodi

Yes, I am wearing Neubodi Suit Up Contour Leggings inside..

“Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011 -- marking a testament in being a distinguished brassiere label for everyday support and comfort.”

I am not paid to write this review. All opinions are mine and based from my own experience in using the product. Product courtesy by Neobodi. 


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