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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

IOI City Mall Putrajaya, Home Pro and Index Living Mall

As mentioned earlier in this post, I am excited with opening of IOI City Mall Putrajaya.

So we went there, on last Sunday (which less than a week from the opening date). Since we reached there around lunch hour, the mall is super-packed. Thankfully we manage to get parking, or otherwise we might end up to Tesco Puchong.

Before that I read all the comments from the Facebook, since a lot of people already went there, and from comment I believe IOI will try to improve here and there. Some comments like on dusty parking, nursing room, slippery floor, no bench to sit / relax for a while. For time being, I understand parking is free (so no idea at the moment the parking charges). So don’t be surprise by the time you go perhaps everything is in order. 

For me I found IOI City Mall Putrajaya is huge..erm perhaps something like 1Utama (or perhaps even bigger). So when we went, I just put aim to visit Home Pro and Index Living Mall. I think we only walk around one side, and still not have a chance to walk another side (where Icescape and District 21). Husband pulak kata “cam tak besar je”..iyolah tu sebab tak habis tawaf semua kedai sbb anak-anak dah penat.

Some of the shops that we walk in Swatch, H&M, (Uniqlo is next to H&M, but that time if not mistaken still not open). I saw Sephora, Timberland, Poh Kong, Tesco,, and a lot of eating places (Kenny Rogers, Rasa Utara, Sakae Sushi, McD, Toast Box, iloveyoo). Anyway for time being you can check here the list of tenant

Yay HomePro and Index Living Mall at the save level (LG)

While at H&M (I noticed that Alif love to photoboomed Afham picture)

I found it was easy to find HomePro and Index Living Mall...since I just follow the signage.

HomePro (LG, opposite and nearby Poh Kong, towards end)

HomePro is one stop home products center. I consider this place as perfect for husband and wife (sebab lelaki sukakan DIY - a lot of DIY stuff here, and for wife you might want to look around furniture, organizing stuff and perhaps electrical appliances.

So basically under HomePro

Colourful mosaic

I want this, that and that

If not mistaken the price is RM14.90, it has different sizes...the good thing you can stack it

Nice ya...

You can find dining table

This complete set of 1 dining table and 4 chairs is RM699.
If you buy it separately table is RM429, and each chair is RM179

Stack shoe box RM16.50

Index Living Mall (LG, opposite and nearby Tesco)

My initial plan to IOI City Mall only to window shopping at HomePro, until later a lot of people shared about mini IKEA ...Index Living Mall

So basically Index Living Mall selling furniture and other home stuff. I found it was like walking from one end to another end from HomePro (sempat penat ye, maybe sebab dah penat tawaf dah rasa tak larat nk berlama-lama di Index Living Mall),

I just walked around for a while, and not spend much time compared to HomePro as husband waited with kids (sebab belum ada kerusi, diorg duduk kat satu corner, sambil minum air kotak)

Living room

Pencil and paper....something like IKEA

Each RM459

At baby and kids section, each canvas price at RM9.90

Kid room


Some organizing stuff

I do not check the delivery rate for HomePro and Index Home Living. So you might need to visit and ask at their customer service.

For more on IOI City Mall Putrajaya, HomePro, Index Living Mall

Some tips
1. Flat shoes. Ladies, please wear flat shoes...I overheard a young lady complaining "kaki sakit" sambil tampal plaster. If you really want to window shopping and go around the mall please wear flat shoes.
2. Bring stroller, if you have baby/ toddler. Lagi-lagi kalau nak tawaf satu IOI City Mall, sila la bawak stroller ...sebab I tried to get Tesco trolley (masa tu budak-budak dah sakit kaki tapi still nk berjalan..since tak bawak stroller, kenala pinjam). End up masa tu guard Tesco bising "Madam, ini trolley guna dalam Tesco"....padahal ramai je yg tak beli barang Tesco tapi bawak trolley tu keluar dari Tesco. Maybe sebab I tak beli dan tawaf dalam Tesco tu
3. Please remember your parking place (snap a picture, perhaps). Husband kata parking IOI City Mall ni macam KLCC. To avoid unnecessary walking (end up nanti penat), silala ingat parking, lif dan kedai berdekatan (landmark...)..Yang ternampak ada parking ni ada zone A dan C
4. Since we went IOI City Mall less than a week from opening, I think nursing room belum ada. (if not mistaken, tapi ada yang kata ada tapi tak proper, but I believe IOI do take note on this). So sila bawa nursing cover
5. Since the mall is super packed (when we came), toilet also is packed. Need to queue (in case kalau bawak toddler yang dah toilet train ni takut diorang tak tahan...)
6. Be patient with lift (not sure during that time lift nearby Timberland, Sephora only one is working, while another one show signal ???). So kena sabar kalau kena bersempit lebih-lebih lagi weekend
7. No signal for Digi and Maxis at LG and G floor (not sure for other telco). So kalau nak tanya "awak kat mana?" memangla tak de respond

I cannot rate on overall since the place really new, but I believe IOI City Mall Putrajaya will offer new shopping excitement.

Last picture before coming home...ada kolam dan air pancut. There is some ample lepak area with grass (I think synthetic grass)


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